Such great initiative: Feeding the homeless

It fills me with joy and sadness at the same time when I see this project feeding the vulnerable doing their job – every week – for free – two three years running…

Today they served 190 meals and fruits for those in need – right on Trafalgar Sq in Central London.

  • No charity, just a few people coming together and doing good.
  • The MCKS program feeds homeless and vulnerable people every Monday in Central London.
  • Winter, summer, Xmas, Xtinction Rebellion, snow…whatever happens, A and her team are there providing food to those in need: a hot meal, a bottle of water, a banana and an orange.

It’s sad that vulnerable people need to rely on food banks. But volunteer groups like this step in and deliver. No questions asked.

One day I passed this spot and asked who these people were and if they needed help. They said yes and I’ve been doing this ever since…

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