Matching time slots to share company made easy

We are better connected but so many of us are alone or even lonely. People are busy but there is a lot of community sense in all of us. New Society is an application that helps matching time slots of people that are happy to give some time to people who don’t get to talk to anybody all week.

It’s our vision that everybody who wants to give a small amount of time to the community around them can do so – even at short notice. No middle man needed after an easy set up.

Vision statement:

For people within our communities of the 21st century 

Who are alone but looking to meet someone

The NewSociety project is a service

That facilitates personal time together.

Unlike befriending services it directly aims to bring people together where there is a need. It is not about friendship but about peer-to-peer micro volunteering within an community.

“New Society” sounds ambitious and it is meant to be. But if we all give an hour / week to spend with people who have nobody, we are making a quantum leap forward in our society.

New Society is a important building block for that – making it easy to match time slots of both parties.

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