How it works

The New Society team is a mix of Product Managers, developers and designers that want to change our society…just a little bit…for literally good.

New Society makes matching time slots of volunteers and people easy.

For organisations …

New Society is an easy to use application that integrates with and uses organisational records of community members and matches time slots. Staff can do higher value work such as measuring impact and outcome.


Volunteers have free access to the New Society app. Whenever they have a spare slot they want to contribute they can match it with a user request that suits them.

They can give time regularly or on an ad-hoc basis.

Users (seeking company)

Users who are seeking company register a time range via the app and say what kind of company they need via an app (e.g. organising groceries or walk to the local park). New Society will do the rest matching the time slots.

The service is and will stay forever free for users and volunteers.

Familiy members, carers or charity staff can use the app on behalf of users and create time slots for those they care for.

Request type sample for users

Walk my dog with me.

Be my company walking to the local market.

Join me for a cup of tea (and a chat).

Please can you get some groceries for me?

Walk with me through the park.

An hour in the pub…

…and so many more….

Request our leaflet for full details.

I truly love the idea

M Ruta

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